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Solutions: Materials Handled

Materials and Waste EXEMPT by EPA
from Consideration as "Hazardous Waste"*

  • Produced water
  • Drilling fluids
  • Drill cuttings
  • Rig wash
  • Drilling fluids and cuttings from offshore operations disposed of onshore
  • Geothermal production fluids
  • Hydrogen sulfide abatement wastes from geothermal energy production
  • Well completion, treatment and stimulation fluids
  • Basic sediment and water and other tank bottoms from storage facilities that hold product and exempt waste
  • Accumulated materials such as hydrocarbons, solids, sand and emulsion from production separators, fluid treating vessels and production impoundments
  • Pit sludges and contaminated bottoms from storage or disposal of exempt wastes
  • Work over wastes
  • Gas plant dehydration wastes, including glycol-based
    compounds, glycol filters, filter media, backwash and molecular sieves
  • Cooling tower blowdown
  • Spent filters, filter media and other deposits removed from piping and equipment prior to transportation
  • Hydrocarbon-bearing soil
  • Pigging wastes from gathering lines
  • Wastes from surface gas storage and retrieval,
    except for non-exempt wastes listed below
  • Constituents removed from produced water
    before it is injected or otherwise disposed of
  • Liquid hydrocarbons removed from production stream but not from oil refining
  • Gases from the production stream, such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide and volatilized hydrocarbons
  • Materials ejected from a producing well during the process known as blowdown
  • Waste crude oil from primary field operations and production
  • Light organics volatilized from exempt wastes in reserve pits or impoundments or production equipment
  • Liquid and solid wastes generated by crude oil and crude tank bottom reclaimers
*Source: Federal Register, Thursday, March 29, 1990, p. 11, 798-11, 877.

Materials and Waste NOT EXEMPT by the EPA*

  • Unused fracturing fluids or acids
  • Gas plant cooling tower cleaning wastes
  • Painting wastes
  • Oil and gas service company wastes, such as empty drums, drum rinsate, vacuum truck rinsate, sandblast media painting wastes, spent solvents, spilled chemicals and waste acids
  • Vacuum truck and drum rinsate from trucks and drums transporting or containing non exempt waste
  • Refinery wastes
  • Liquid and solid wastes generated by crude oil and tank bottom reclaimers
  • Used equipment lubrication oils
  • Used hydraulic fluids
  • Waste solvents
  • Waste in transportation pipe line-related pits
  • Caustic or acid cleaners
  • Boiler cleaning wastes
  • Boiler scrubber fluids, sludges and ash
  • Incinerator ash
  • Laboratory wastes
  • Pesticide wastes
  • Radioactive tracer wastes
  • Sanitary wastes
  • Drums, insulation and miscellaneous solids
  • Waste compressor oil, filters and blowdown

The following OCD regulated facilities especially may be subject to hazardous waste rules on and after September 25, 1990:

  • Oil and gas services companies having wastes such as vacuum truck rinsate.
  • Crude oil treating plants and tank bottom reclaimers with liquid and solid wastes remaining after oil treatment and removal
  • Pipelines having waste in transportation pipeline-related pits
*Source: Federal Register. Wednesday, July 6, 1988, p.25, 446-25, 459.

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