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Providing dependable and sustainable waste treatment,
with reliability and responsibility.

At Sundance Services, we hold the highest regard possible for the operators we serve and the world where we live. That means more to us than simply being in full compliance with all Governmental regulations; it means wanting more for those we work with, and doing more for the planet.

We're proud to bring this conscientious attitude to everything we do for our customers, partners, employees, and communities where we operate.

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Perfectly Located. Ideally Situated.

Located three miles east of Eunice, New Mexico on the Texas border, the Parabo Disposal Facility is centrally located to and accessible by the entirety of the Permian Basin. Situated atop a geological formation of non-permeable, Triassic red clay, the facility is ideally suited to handle disposal operations utilizing naturally-lined pits. Furthermore, the year-round sunshine and dry climate make the Parabo Disposal Facility the optimal choice for your oilfield waste disposal needs.

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"Service" is the most important part of our name.

From expert advice to full turn-key environmental projects, our staff is dedicated to meeting your environmental management needs.

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Closed Loop Systems

The ultimate answer to pits, closed loops systems are safer, more effective and cost efficient.

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Ideally-suited to handling your waste material disposal needs.

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Providing incomparable reclamation from different oil sludges.

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Dedicated to meeting all of your environmental management needs.

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Respect, Responsibility, and Reliability

Regardless of the service we're providing, Sundance Services is built on a foundation of respect, both for the operators that we serve and for the world in which we live. That's why Sundance operates in full compliance with all Governmental regulations, while providing operators throughout the Permian Basin with the most reliable service possible.

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