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You can rely on Sundance Services to provide the on-site transportation services you need to haul all of your drilling wastes. With trained and permitted drivers, and a fleet of hauling equipment and roll-off trailers, you can rest assured that your well site disposal is in good hands. In fact, businesses throughout the Permian Basin (and beyond) trust Sundance's ability to provide their well site solutions with the utmost safety, efficiently, and with respect for the environment.

Roll-off and Rail Equipment Services

In addition to our closed loop solutions, Sundance Services provides convenient pick-up and delivery of roll-off and container services for waste collection, transportation and disposal. Additionally, should you need to move your drilling operation, Sundance will work around your schedule to break down rails and roll-off equipment from the old site, as well as transport it to the new site and set it up at the new location.

Contact us and let us put our expertise to work handling your well site transportation needs.

Closed Loop Systems

The ultimate answer to pits, closed loops systems are safer, more effective and cost efficient.

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Ideally-suited to handling your waste material disposal needs.

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Providing incomparable reclamation from different oil sludges.

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Dedicated to meeting all of your environmental management needs.

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Respect, Responsibility, and Reliability

Regardless of the service we're providing, Sundance Services is built on a foundation of respect, both for the operators that we serve and for the world in which we live. That's why Sundance operates in full compliance with all Governmental regulations, while providing operators throughout the Permian Basin with the most reliable service possible.

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