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Solutions: Closed Loop Systems

The Ultimate Answer to Pits

With the advancement of solids control technologies in recent years, drill sites are increasingly switching to the advantages of a closed loop system—the most desirable solution for drilling mud recycling and oilfield waste management. Closed loop systems (sometimes referred to as "closed mud" or "pitless" systems) not only greatly reduce or eliminate the discharge of toxic drilling wastes on site, they're more effective and cost efficient. That makes them the ultimate answer to pits.

Superior Solutions from a Trusted Partner

Sundance Services offers end-to-end closed loop system support, readily able to handle all of your close loop system needs. Before implementing your system, we'll begin by working with your staff to maximize the safety and efficiency of the system. From there, our trained professionals, experienced operators, and insightful support personnel will execute your closed loop site needs responsibly and reliably. From equipment rental, to transportation of drilling and completion fluids, to the disposal of oilfield wastes at our Parabo facility, Sundance Services is trusted closed loop system partner.

Unsurpassed Support

In addition to a complete suite of closed loop equipment rentals and trusted system set up, Sundance Services provides convenient pick-up and delivery of roll-off and container services for waste collection, transportation and disposal. Additionally, should you need to move your drilling operation, Sundance will work around your schedule to break down your closed loop system from the old site, as well as transport it to the new site and set it up at the new location.

Incomparable Reclamation

Sundance Services offers superior reclamation through the use of centrifuge technologies which allow us to separate water and solids, and recover the maximum amount of oil possible from drilling mud.

Contact us for more information about how our proprietary closed loop system can eliminate the hassles and hazards of open pits. .


Ideally-suited to handling your waste material disposal needs.

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Providing incomparable reclamation from different oil sludges.

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Respect, Responsibility, and Reliability

Regardless of the service we're providing, Sundance Services is built on a foundation of respect, both for the operators that we serve and for the world in which we live. That's why Sundance operates in full compliance with all Governmental regulations, while providing operators throughout the Permian Basin with the most reliable service possible.

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